NEW CLASS(dont know what to call it tho)

xJoseph Coolx 7 years ago updated by Lordy 7 years ago 15

Ok. So this class will not have a weapon or a shield. But will spawn with all extra items (health and speed potion, bomb, and throwing knife) and can get infinite amount of them. It is also goes a bit faster then others.

this class would be shit, it would just be a ever exploding bomb

and knife and punching and kicking


People would spam Allahu Akbar in chat and use only mines

When i read this comment (Reply to Pocket Redstone), i recalled funny moment in other game - battle started and one of my teammates spawned behind me (3 meters). He thrown his Nitro Cell (This is C4 with phone what is in connection with second one what you have. If you end connection, C4 will explode.) between us and used it, screaming to mic "ALLAH AKBAR". People laughing.

bruh too good

This would be a apsolute SHIT class

>infinite speed and hp potions

oh ok, so it's like a Flash-Wolverine crossover xd


sure lets add a op class that will ruin the game why not

i think i need to explain my idea more:

the class needs to pick the stuff up before it gets it and has space for 3 of everything


I feel like this would be so unnecessary! noobs would just stay triggered... and plus it just seems unfair