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yeah we are here 💖

I actually am developing a Chrome extension that tracks such cooldowns in ( it's an early alpha version ) - so, Sir Masakiller, msg me if you're working on something similar, or would like to join forces somehow :) (preferably on twitter - @marez )

I can't send you a private message via userecho, so:
Hi, I'm Marez, you might recognize my name... can we just agree to both get 2000 points in CTF and not go any further? xddd
This constant race between us two is getting boring and noone else is getting anywhere close to top.
DM me at twitter if you need to do so - @marez.

(This also shows an imporant flaw of never-resetting highscores in ctf/bones/arena: it turned into grinding competition between the top players only, because no sane human being would see a score of 40k bones or 2k flags and think "oh yeah, I'm gonna beat that, this is gonna be fun and not boring at all".)

About changing your weapon - an available workaround: after you die just copy the "join game" link and use it to get back to the same server

+1 ! Rock-paper-scissors analogy is very fitting.

Also consider this from gamedesign perspective: more frequent (frustrating!) deaths = more exit points for players = lower retention/avg. gameplay session time.

It's the experienced players who play for 30+ mins at a time, and also they are the ones whose average 'lifespan' (as in time between spawn and death) has been shortened. New players die withing minutes (if not seconds xd) from spawning anyway.

Discarding a weapon you got from the chest is a good idea, +1

You need to realize that hammer special is not meant to be used the same way sword special is.

Hammer special is good mainly for chasing people down and using it to jump down the cliff to deal damage to players standing down there.

But as a hammer user I can't say no to a hammer buff xd

I think your experiment was good, it brings some important insight, but lacks a solid conclusion.

Oh, also there is a psychological aspect - players adjust their strategy by judging their opponent - if you see someone named Frodo/Rollo/Ragnar you just assume they will be mindlessly spamclicking. And if you see a named player, with a non-defult weapon and even a clan tag, then you assume they do know what the're doing and will not be utilizing the hit-hit-hit strategy. That might have affected the outcome of your experiment. has beautiful, complicated controls system giving players a variety of different strategies to utilize.

Long time ago I saw threads online saying that the combat system is shitty, because all you do is mash left click - while maybe partially true at that time it was solved by adding different mechanics and weapons, so mindlessly clicking would get you killed quickly.

Do we want this problem to come back? Should the main effective strategy be spamclicking?
If that's the case, then why not just add an "Autoclick" button, to keep our fingers from getting tired? ;)

There sould be some incentive to keep new players from just clicking left mouse button over and over again - and there was one, back when block was 360 - this strategy was simply uneffective.

Removing 180 deg block is not the only "solution", this "problem" (?), it can be fixed diferent ways: characters could have a 'I got tired, need to rest for 1 second' animation after 5 consecutive attacs during which you wouldn't be able to attack again, or simple attacks could use up stamina, etc.

So that's why I suddenly started sucking at wilds xd