Bot glitch/ Game bug

Poke Hano 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 3

Its just weird i guess. Idk...

Honestly before people dislike actually explain why.

Altought it looks disturbing it's just something that happens and isn't that much of a problem.

When you leave a game a bot takes over your character until it gets killed (that is to prevent players from suddenly disappearing, I guess).

So you left the game, a bot took control over your character and you rejoined the same game.

There is no good solution to the problem, but maybe adding something to name tags of people who left would help avoiding confusion? Say, if player leaves, then a bot controls the character, but it's name gets changed from "Kili" to "Kili (bot)" or "Kili [disconnected]" or "Kili [left the game]" or whatever?