Miscellaneous suggestions - stamina potions, menu changes, and amulets

pooperton 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 2

  • Make stamina potions behave like health potions - if your stamina isn't full but your inventory is, stamina potions go directly to fill your stamina.
  • Would like the ability to select the "none" team when logging in (not grey or brown). I usually play the none/black team, and the first thing I do when I log in is get myself killed so I can switch my team.
  • Would like to be able to change my weapon within the game without having to refresh the whole page and potentially land on a different server. This would be nice for moments when I need revenge and the bow isn't getting me there. :)
  • Amulets - these could be items that grant passive abilities - for example, health recharge, faster stamina recharge, faster special ability recharge, etc. They can only recharge if the player is standing still, though.

About changing your weapon - an available workaround: after you die just copy the "join game" link and use it to get back to the same server

Nice! Haven't thought about that, that's definitely handy.