Hammer needs a difference from the sword(Buff the hammer(make it more expensive because of this))

Jing An Tew 7 years ago updated by thebadman 7 years ago 9

If I remember correctly, the hammer normal attack and the sword normal attack does the same damage. The sword special ability is so easy to use while the hammer special ability is almost impossible to use as you miss the opponent most of the time. This makes the hammer redundant compared to the sword.

Plus the weapon animations are all outdated(bow, hammer, and maybe sword.

Sometimes I accidentally get the hardest weapon to play from the treasure chest(bow). May I suggest the idea that there is a option to drop the weapon and get back your normal weapon?


I like that last part, about dropping the treasure chest weapon to get the normal weapon back. Imagine if once a player dies, they drop their weapon; anyone can pick up this player's weapon and use it. Once they throw it, the normal weapon is restored. Same with the treasure chest weapons: if the player throws the new weapon, their original weapon is restored.

Seems like a good idea. I really hate it when I get the bow from the treasure chest.

Discarding a weapon you got from the chest is a good idea, +1

You need to realize that hammer special is not meant to be used the same way sword special is.

Hammer special is good mainly for chasing people down and using it to jump down the cliff to deal damage to players standing down there.

But as a hammer user I can't say no to a hammer buff xd

How do you use the special ability. I cannot get it to hit anyone?

It depends on your aim and movement a lot, practice is best way to learn it.

the area of effect should be decreased so that only direct hits would do damage, and the damage should be increased from 2 to 3.

3) One idea per post - don't make one post with tons of ideas, 
   it's hard to read, track and vote on specific idea

My post gets weighed down by other posts :( How do we get rezoner to see this?


I prefer the hammer over the sword. Sword special is especially good against crowds. But in the age of directional block, fighting a crowd is unwise. Hammer special can be used to escape, to chase, to get close to ranged opponents, to surprise unaware opponents, and it gives you a better control over positioning than all other special attacks, and that is important against skilled opponents. Also, with practice, less and less of your attacks will miss.