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back in time there where longbow's.

these where very expensive weapons.

the arrow easy could reach 300 meters..


i prefer the fast bows (:

i experience it as way more action/fun..

but i dont mind if the old bows get back.

but i prefer the fast one more hèhè.

well i actual am real focused while playing the bow.. 

as bow user you need to avoid every melee attack and every arrow fired back..

bow users really have to be experienced, to control this amazing weapon.

but i more often use the kick and pin rol so i can hit sharper.

(told a tactic)

and for more change to fire two arrows at once


you should try the bow out for yourself :)

its not that 'easy' to hit for the first time.

because focus is often needed.

i have actually never test this out :)

but i always schoot the enemies I see and not which i cant see..

does that counts as close?

so not.. some bow tacticts whil not work and that leads to a less interesting weapen...

stil, i use most of the time the close range tactics :D

edit: this is my view distance

thx, i whil use word reference next time :D 

and uu i hope i dont get the spanking ::)'

please dont remove me >_< 

btw what means spanking :D

i like all points but the infection mode looks very funny :D

its fixed (: maybe an update :D

and those 'failed to load recource things are from adblockplus :L

if you where asking so i whil turn that off