Ideas about future updates (sponsored by Rezoner) :3

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Hello folks, today i want show you bunch of ideas about which we talked with Rezoner on discord. Many of them looks really cool and can improve some modes, mechanics or also with them Rez can add new mode.

1. Ctf improvements:

much peoples know current ctf lost their fame because often some players steal flags, and drops it far away from center of map. Also scoring system is without target. 

and here is ideas about improve ctf:

Making new map with two forts and putting inside them flags can really improve this mode, because flags will have better defense and it's not that easy just steal it. Players must teamwork for destroy gate and fight for flag. 

To prevent abusing spear special ability, on map can be more walls which can block jumping outside the map, and also too easy stealing flags from forts.

New scoring system also can improve this mode a lot.

Another idea which Rez showed us, is replacing current flags for... surprise - Pigs!

I think this idea really fit to barbarian style, and imagine when you stole pig and you runs to the base, it makes funny voices. Also when you die, small piggy tries escape, and runs randomly on the map and players try catch it! 

2. 3v3 improvements:

This mode have good potential but it's wasting it because of bugs. Bug with mirage potion, items which not disappear when you throw it at the end of round, possibility of collect armor which going to the next round... This can looks like small problem, but it isn't. I talked about it and i have simple idea for solve this problem.


Just remove items from 3v3 and solve most of problems. Because of items in 3v3 players can fight using only items and skill is not that important. Also several bugs complicate it and most of this bugs is connected with items. I think when items disappear from 3v3, players put more effort for cooperating and the result of fight depend only from players skill and teamwork.

3. Ideas about new modes: Survival

We talked also about new mode where players must fight for survival not only with players, but also with hunger etc. One of the idea is adding animals like deers or wolves. Healing potion in this mode will be removed and instead of it players must hunt for animals and cook meat in campfires.

 Also wolves is idea for another dangerous creature, and they hunt not only for players but also for animals.

3.1 Ideas about new modes: Desert

it's possible some people heard about it, but one of ideas is bring back old desert. By tell "old desert" this map can include only very small objects like rocks, traps like sandpits, monsters, and players can use only melee weapons - like in first desert map in game. Also some items should be removed from this mode, for example mirage potion. 

Inside i pray Rez you bring back mechanic, when players kill each other they grow slowly. I love this mechanic and i think desert mode is perfect mode for bring it back! also old icons above head. Like in old good desert.

but there is also more advantages for bring back desert. New players can train on desert and not be grounded because of tons of mechanics which are available in current ruins. When they get basic experience how fight etc, they can go to other modes where can learn more about other things in game.

In this short video you can check how looks old desert and also how works mechanic with growing players.

4. Aiming with ranged weapons / projectile bug

As you probably know player with bow have ability to controll arrows with mouse. Rez idea is remove this ability and make projectiles fly faster but in stright line. We talked about it on discord and i think good idea is make controllable all projectiles, also this from wand, but not that strong as now can do player with bow. Only small control power, enough for fix trajectory and small fixes.

Also when player use ranged weapons inside fort, projectiles have strange bug and they fly with delay. More about it you can read in one of my last posts. I put also link to my post with controllable wand projectiles and who is interrest and want know more about it, is welcome.



5. Possible future weapons

We talked in guild also about possible new weapons, and two new weapons which have best chances for adding is mace/flail and battle scythe/sickle. They looks barbaric and can good fit to the game. 

Also my personal idea is add slingshot which can shoot using small stones and deal average damage. I think i make post about it weapon with more details about attacks, dmg etc.

But new weapons at this moment is not that important in my opinion. More important is make game modes playable. However these ideas can be useful.

below i add links to mace and scythe posts.



I think i not forgot about important things.

I invite you to talking about this ideas in comments and i hope you found ideas which you want saw in the game. your comments can very well help Rezoner with further updates.

See you in game folks :]

Regards, Egzekutor

Maybe adding of new monsters will be good?


Something like this? :D 


Rez character's comment when see two giants: "Oh shit!" :D

Oh my gosh! you have to add these! That is so damn awesome!

these are my ideas for monsters!



I've got desert nostalgia myself.

check out my ideas too, especially about the ctf one.

what about 1v1 ARENA modification?

I think this mode is good and not need big improvements. Only scoring system should be better.

but i want to add the queue idea. i dont want to play with bots

One thing which should be updated in 1v1 is scoring system. The rest is fine in my opinion.


i think the weapons are good enough once we have too much weapons there features are going to bleed into each other.

i think rezoner should focus on the companions or skin buffs


that desert video made me feel homesick BRING BACK DESERT (and also shops made by players in the corner of the map)

Now items not disappear so you can try make shop :D

I love the hunger games/survival idea, but Rez had plans for other things and said it would most likely be done later(or something along those lines), but I'm happy that the concept has at least been mentioned again.

im looking forward to mounts in my opinion. Although water would also be nice


Thanks for including my post, looking forward to it hopefully becoming a weapon, but sold MUCH higher than intended due to it's capabilities.

Also hoping mace would become one because brutality is awesome to me in wilds.

That being said, the ideas have quite the value. Including survival because the anticipation of hunger, surviving long enough against a few wolves only to get stampeded by a pack, fighting other players to steal encampments, The possibilities are endless. <3

~Seraph (also Seraph in-game)

i will say everything i have to say for each number:

1- a real solution to a this game, its having a team wining  after some time 

because if you play, you feel like nothing has changed after obtaining a flag it juts 1 flag  + on you

so there is no real team work there but if it is to win like a half an hour match then the people will play it i dont say more because there is almost nobody playing, the fort idea can be implemented really well but you need to have that annoying spear so it will be more fun also remember after you use the special to jump the wall you have to wait until ir recharged

and changin the flag for pigs its a good idea if it does not make you rely on your team mates so the other team cant kill you

having 2 or 3 maps like the original , 1 with forts and another dark themed one can also inprove everything along with the scoring sistem

2- yeah but just no items . another kind of traps can be also really cool like the spikes or even a yeti to make the fight more interesting.

3 - i hate the idea of starving to death on a game (also irl) the rest of the stuff its great but. the perfect wild surivival more should be: a Fire camp and 1 edible animals will be the only surce of life b - monsters like yetis and the hammers dudes along with gobling have to be all over the map with some new monster c : you can store some animals that monsters can stole d -  you can kill the monster that stole it along with some coins E- limited vicion like at night  and not on a desert unless there is more than 1 map F - having until 4 poeple on your team and it has to be kind of a huge map for more poeple if that´s what you are going for. G - you can actually make walls and the the house to store items such as food and wood, granades,knifes,etc. i will adress the rest later

3.1 that´s really nice , but if you do that make so we can see some wind cause if not then i will be just taking everything out of the ruins.

4- i think its a good idea make the bow have like a doble charge , the first chage makes it go faster and the second one, a controlable shot. about the staff. its ok make it controlable too.. it would be chaotic but meh

5-GOD YES!!  but if you put those weapons please i will pay for a costume about hose things! like the knights helment and the DEATH costume with the scythe !!!

6 -  there is no six


Thanks for answer. i'am sure this long comment give more light for what players want in game. And this is great help for Rezoner with future updates. Also i'm glad you like most of ideas about which we talked with Rezoner, and not only this ideas.

If you want a scoring system for CTF, a queue for an organized game is needed. Or... idk, how else? A server system like slay.one? 

The desert was really nice. I really liked the slowly growing mechanic. And shit, those giant/ogre sprites are SICK

I agree 100%. And growing mechanic is one of my favorite in this game. It's epic fun when small barbarian can kill big guy. :D

New maps, game modes and monsters! And monster testing in new game modes and maps!!


I'd like slingshots :D

wow whoever made this post is a genius

I'm glad you like my post:3

one problem with survival mode 

it seem to be too much like starve.io 

idont think copying will be good for this game(but it is only my opinion ;b )

It's way better than starve.io because it actually has good looking sprites and much more skill based combat. It also has better chat and monsters.

Oh u majestic,wise and weird MLG....

I want old Desert !