Basic forum rules.

Rezoner1337 7 years ago updated by Shiru,Kurai ite 6 years ago 15

I will keep it simple. This is a support and feedback forum. It's meant to be helpful and constructive. It's not really a good place to socialize - for that you shall try our discord channel

0) Keep the posts relevant to the topic.

1) One idea per week. Pick your best.

2) Comments have to be constructive/helpful
   * Don't post memes
   * Use voting system instead of comments like "yes", "good", "no", "ok", ":)"

3) One idea per post - don't make one post with tons of ideas, 
   it's hard to read, track and vote on specific idea

If I delete something you have posted it doesn't mean I don't like you - it just means the post doesn't provide feedback to the topic.


This will stop junk mail (one night without looking at the mail: 60 emails from wilds xD)

Lucky I didn't use my main email for this game. lol

Nothing happens, with the new rules the level of messages is going to be reduced

Wait but howcome some of my posts arent read enventhough SOME have a fair amount of likes.

Wait can we have a block feature? Cause of some people ▼


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We need a bumpity bump~


Everyone is breaking all these rules and Rezoner does almost nothing (if he did something, just tell me - I didn't noticed, right?) to defend them so people aren't scared or some kind of this.

Rez isn't ignoring this stuff, he's just not seeing it. He just recently got online to ban "beep beep I'm a sheep", but soon after that somebody posted that really inappropriate picture, and rez won't even see that problem until he gets on again. This forum desperately needs moderators that are active enough to be seeing this stuff.

but not THIS stuff, because it is bad for health.


This need a bump, people forget it.

.-. Literally everyone forgets it.



Sorry for bumping this :P but I need to

for the newbies.

You serious?!Why you waste time on little scums?