Upgrade the Lance

ShadoW_Wolf 3 years ago updated by Dead Wolf 3 years ago 12

The spear was launched in the game long ago, and was not being used much. Recently, almost no one was using, and I think because the only attack is: left mouse button, main attack, which can be easily fought using only the shield, And the special weapon that is escape is not good compared to other weapons, if you add damage to this special, it would help.

The use rate is lower than the other weapons. Oh rly?

A lance is different from a spear bro


lots of topics about this +1


tbh if you could throw the spear fast and straight ppl would use it

Yes, probabily


I think first buff which should have spear is make bigger dmg, from 1.25 to 1.50 or 1.75, Because spear have only one attack. 

Btw what is Interesting, spear in real life was one of most dangerous weapons, often used for defending corridors, gates, or for killing warriors on horses. What is more Interesting, warriors on horses also was using spears, so you can imagine when someone stabbed you with full speed on horse :x

another buff could be making landing from special attack hit (like +-1 dmg ) and knock over

One good way to make use of the spear would to make it unique in its own aspect. Rather than tweaking damage(which would make the weapon broken, it is better to add more knockback per strike, allowing the spear user to keep others back, attack from a safe distance.

This can still be countered, but right now the spear's range advantage is practically unusable. It's too easy to break through. Knockback or range would accentuate the spear's specialty

This problem still hasn't been addressed...


A lance and a spear aren't the same thing

Upgrade the Spear*