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These are just his move set, all the cool downs, health, and damage stats will be decided by the developer

Honestly excited for this! I hope most of the pets/minions will fit with the theme of the game because I have played games with stuff like that and they just look out of place.

Shaman's use spiritual methods of doing something, dropping a medical kit wouldn't be really shaman-like.

A class already has shockwave

Cool! Can't wait to play later today

This will be definitely better than the last health change.

Berserk's block breaking move isn't useful unless the person blocking is standing still and is in crush range.

Well that depends on how good your internet is and how good your computer is. I doubt that it's your computers fault because pretty much any computer can run this game really good.

Just press the button that your character is moving. For example, my character is stuck moving right, so then I press the button that makes me move right and then I'll stop constantly moving in one direction. This also works when you're moving diagonally, the only difference being you have to press two keys. I don't think this is fixable because it happens in every game that uses arrow keys or WASD.

They should be something you earn through both casual and ranked matches.