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Shaman's moves other than his LMB move should give your team mates buffs.

LMB: His LMB would be a standard melee attack doing one damage.

RMB: His RMB would work like a mine, meaning that you put down your staff and make a circle like the mine does and it heals all team mates for two health once.

MWUP: His MWUP would do the same thing as the healing circle, but gives your team mates a damage buff that multiplies the damage by two and the effect lasts up to two attack moves.

MWDOWN: His MWDOWN would again, work like the healing circle, but gives your team mates a temporary speed boost.

RMB+MWUP: His RMB+MWUP would be able to revive any team mates on the screen, but they lose their items, but don't get their score taken away.

I imagine him being like Mega Man in Smash 4 with his attacks all ranged and being able to put tremendous amount of pressure on an enemy.

LMB: I think his LMB would be a fire ball that does one damage per hit.

RMB: His RMB would be a ghost hand that can grab players and items from a distance.

MWUP: His MWUP would be a wave of water that knocks down enemies, but it has a very short range.

MWDOWN: His MWDOWN would be a wall of electricity that forms around him that does two damage, but he can't move.

RMB+MWUP: His RMB+MWUP would be a metal spearhead charged with fire and electricity that does 3 damage, is hit-scan, and breaks block.

I think it should be turned back because fights last too long now.