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Make block cost stamina

John Latini 8 years ago updated by Aleks 8 years ago 10

You should make block cost stamina, because you can just spam it without any problems and win the fight one on one. Sure, there is the one moment you can hurt people when "finishing the block" but still, It's really f*cking annoying to find that one chance to hit. And even if you find it, and opponent can always heal from potion in the inventory, making the fight last eternity.
Do something about it. I love this game and I think it can be even better adding some balance

Under review

I was wanting to add stamina usage from the very beginning - but I am pretty sure this will cause a lot of rage due to slowing gameplay and being obnoxious to track (although I am still considering this).

HOW ABOUT if roll could break the block rendering blocker stunned for a second - and allowing you to quick hit?

Berserk's block breaking move isn't useful unless the person blocking is standing still and is in crush range.

That's an interesting idea, I think it can be. And I noticed there is an different animation on a running attack, it would be cool if that attack would break the block. Well, the choice is yours.

There are two animations for attack just playing randomly.

The initial plan was that you have horizontal and vertical attacks and block in this game - but I thought it will be too complicated - what left out of it are two animations :)

Anyway I am thinking how zerk could break the block then. Maybe I should give him roll too?

Okay, you can do that. And yeah, some people would not understand much about this game if it was too complicated. Thanks for replying!


Main problem with block is that it counters almost everything:

- attacks

- knives

- shockwave

Only way to kill player who is on point with block is to roll and plant a bomb. At beginning I was 100% sure that shockwave can be dodged only by jumping, after i learned that you can block shockwave I stopped using jump... Make blocking player vulnerably to shockwave + mine combo and it will be way better.

On the other hand I think shockwave/kick/roll should deal damage and give points. I think player should start with 6 HP, health pot heals 2 HP, attack deals 2 DMG, shockwave/kick/roll deals 1 DMG, knife does 4 DMG... On top of that "you can't block shockwave" and then block would be in right place.

If the shockwave can be blocked it's a bug

That would be better, certainly

Yes please.

You can use it as many times as you want right now and it blocks almost everything