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I still cant play Brutal Soccer Mode. it load whole time, when its 5/5 on your team it says "Your team is complete. I am looking for an opposite team" i still wait then someone left like WTF.

Its easy to defeat GRUNT. Hold RMB :).

It takes SOONER. so the Developer dont add it i gues

This game is on the movie Called "The Lord Of The Rings" Lord of the rings is a mission to burn the ring And a movie called a The Hobbit The hobbit is a mission to their homeland on the Mountain suddenly a Dragon apeared sleeping inside the Mountain And but the dragon did Died with 1 Black Arrow. Will u add a Dragon Rider?? or a Archer?? i would love it And ALSO A DWARF

So 1$ + 2$ + 3$ = 6 $. I cant collect them all

Hmm... i should use Grunt now

Its cool but. i need to play with my friends like agario, agario had a party to play with friends in same map can u do THAT? and i hope MAGE A new hero Got realease. i don't know how to donate tell me how so u can update the, Barbarians online

How long you will PLANNED the mage. if u reply i would aprecciate it :D