Update 2

Rezoner1337 8 years ago updated by Sir Killalot 7 years ago 5

+ Volume button

+ Announcers (double kill, etc)

+ Camera follows mouse slightly

Attack applies a little force

Falling into a rock with any force applied results in being hit by the rock

After successfull block - block cooldown is reset to 0

After successfull block the next attack within 0.5 s will be charge

After receiving damage for 0.2 seconds you can only perform defensive actions

Quicksand deals instakill


Zerk special is now countered by anything. Block/attack/shockwave/kick... He can't block, he can't roll or kick. His crush is weak. His movement speed is same as grunt. He is way weaker than grunt.

Its easy to defeat GRUNT. Hold RMB :).

The sand pits insta-killing is dumb, I myself exploited them. You go between to very close pits and kick anyone who comes near it is ridiculous that I held off and killed 5 people with shockwave and kick.


Closing the subject.

What is hapening