Update 1

Rezoner1337 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 7

Each update will now have a number.

Removed fall damage - instead all damage is instant now - rolling, crushing into rock etc. It's more dynamic this way.

Players number per map = 30 (previously 20)

Grunt attack = 2
Grunt kick damage = 2

Grunt roll damage = 1

Grunt attack cooldown = 0.4

If you kick and miss - you fall down - no more kick spamming

Zerk attack = 1

Zerk attack cooldown = 0.2

Whirlwind is blockable and doesn't fall people down

* It should be breakable by shockwave with the next update - I have bugged it


as it stands now the grunt needs 3 hits on grunts and 4 on zerks while zerks need 6 hits

this would be counterbalanced by attack speed if not for interruptions/chain attacks.

taking away the knockdown on whirlwind as well as lowering damage makes it a worse special attack than shockwave.

Zerk got nerfed too hard in this update, grunt reigns.

Taking away the knockdown for the Zerk now defeats the purpose of the ability to hurt fallen enemies.

Sure, you can use it when they hit a rock, or miss a kick, but the whirlwind-slam combo was the Zerk's best ability.

I have to agree with Nathan and say the Zerk was nerved too much this update.

The problem with that combo is that it is pretty overpowered. I mean you could return the ability but the cooldown for whirlwind needs to be nerfed.

Hmm... i should use Grunt now

Why wasnt this added to the "Latest Changes" on the main screen I was a little confused


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