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Maybe, but it will stop people from being jerkfaces

Put worms in the spikes around the edge

since someone else already bumped this, here's my suggestion:

Score three goals in a football match heheheheheheehheh >:)

Wow. That seems really complicated and difficult to do. It sounds really cool, but I'm not sure it would fit in with It might actually be better off as a completely new game, but with a lot of things borrowed from Wilds (like in Wanderers).

I like this idea, but some stuff would have to remain really obviously brown/grey/black, depending on what team you're on


When you're chasing that runner king and he runs by a naja...


if the gate is already wooden, then obviously you cant add stones to it

Face it, man. The world's full of rude people. For every nice, friendly person you meet, there's at least one (usually more) poop-head to go with him.