New Game Mode - Hunger Games Islands

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Hello my people! this is my idea about the new game mode, hunger games (islands)


To start the game would require at least 10 people. When the number of people reached ten, it would start a count of 1 minute, if no one entered those 1 minute, the game would start, if they entered, the count would start again.
The total number of people in the game would be 20:

Image 3150


At the start of the match, each player would start at a certain place, as indicated on the map:

Spawn point with ten people:

Image 3149

Spawn point with twenty people:

Image 3152


To get around you would need your boat, controlled with the standard keys WASD.

Image 3153

(images taken from the clash of clans, because I definitely do not know how to make a boat .-.)
You can upgrade it, allowing you to shoot cannon balls at enemies, but that would require a lot of gold.

If you miss your boat, you might be able to get around swimming, but it would take a huge amount of time:

Image 3154


Similar to wanderers.io, you would collect resources from the trees and stones to enhance your equipment (I guess I do not need to explain, right? :P)

in addition, this game mode would only have the initial items of the game, healing potion, fury potion, knife and bomb

To make the potions of healing and fury, two types of flowers would be necessary, the red (healing), found only in the forest and the yellow (fury) found only in the desert.

Image 3165

Image 3166


Forest Island

The most lucrative island of the game, full of trees, life and features. 

Image 3155

In the forests we could also be lucky enough to find treasure chests, which would give coins and items (knifes and bombs)

Image 3156

The main enemies in the forests would be the goblins and the yetis
The goblins have a new design :)

Image 3157

some goblins would attack in groups, and they would mainly drop items.

Desert Island

Islands of desert would be dangerous, with snakes, cacti, and scorpions, but they would also have many stones, which when broken (with the sledgehammer) would give him much gold.

Image 3158

(you can see a lot more about these new animals in my friend Shadow's post:


;D )

The main enemies of the desert besides snakes and scorpions would be the ogres.

In the deserts there would also be the totems, which, when activated, could give you both good and bad things, check here: https://wilds.userecho.com/communities/1/topics/4309-new-building-the-totem

Image 3159


Snow Island

A hostile and icy place. It has no snakes or ogres but be prepared to deal with thin ice about to break and goblins wizards ready to throw ice on you.

Image 3161

The magical goblins would have a great artificial intelligence, would avoid the players and would shoot of far, in addition, would only die after three blows.

Image 3162

the yetis would also have a new design. This idea was not mine, in fact, Brai had it:


Image 3163


Final Game

After 10 or 20 minutes (depends on the amount of players)
the map begins to close, forcing all the survivors to go to the central island.
There would be a battle between the last survivors.
When killing a person, you gain 1 point, and if you are the last to stand, gain 3 points
The player with the most points wins the match.

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Well, finally I finished, say what you think below, I hope you have liked it and even more!

Wow. That seems really complicated and difficult to do. It sounds really cool, but I'm not sure it would fit in with Wilds.io. It might actually be better off as a completely new game, but with a lot of things borrowed from Wilds (like in Wanderers).

I had thought of that, but as rezoner is already producing a new game, I thought it would be better to quote it as a new mode.
Either way, it fits better as a new game, but to actually be produced, maybe only in the future...

Boy, this idea is incredible and I wish I could play in this mode. Please note the consequences:
Much lag;
This new gamemode is quite large, to the point of almost becoming its own surviv.io
[I do not mean that this is a battle royale.]
Continuing with the top, That would bring a lot of lag to the game, such as the animated water,
the effects of the boat on the water, etc ...
A gigantic job;
This gamemode is pretty cool and incredible though: The work would be so much that it could
get to about 4 months, This would be almost like redoing the old wilds beta, only with more
realistic animations and many scripts, Note that in my opinion, only the Rezoner and the
Egzekutor would not be enough to make this gamemode, If they did it would take more than
3 months ...
New animals and designs;
In addition to the above consequence, making new animals and objects would be extremely
[not too] difficult. The design and animations, attack, speed, life of others would be
difficult to decide, putting it in the hands of the community with a poll poll.
Artificial intelligence;
Oh, we could not leave it out. If it were to have a new monster with an artificial
intolerance above the others inside the game, that would be a lot of work and could
also cost money in my opinion.
Ah, the totem would also do some work [not so much] With his activation animations and the
system's choice of desire would be complicated, but in my opinion it would only take 2 weeks
to do it.
Note that:
1.I do not want to ruin your idea, most of all I would love to have this mode in the game,
probably this would make the game more popular, maybe with an ADS boost that would help even
2. I loved that idea.
3.I already left my little hand up! +1
4. I'm wearing the dots. Instead of the space-by-button, the space button simply does not work
[; _;]

we all love waiting a year for an update to come out


well, I'd rather wait a year than she'll ever leave, as is the current case.
This new mode can lift the game again, not wanting to brag, but really, many would like to play it


Minecraft ice :D. But still a great idea, so +1

too specific, the basic idea is good but hard to implement in itself as its huge. i'd love it though, only for the feel of exploration 


in fact, the texture did not come from minecraft, but it really does seem


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