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I'm not sure on what's really going on now since I haven't been playing in years and not aware of the new meta-game and I'm no expert on things like this, but I'll assume latency problems? Also, I'm not sure if we're able to actually "check" if they're playing fair unless you ask them yourselves; this forum is pretty...dead to say the least so getting answers somewhere else just in case would help.

ayyyyyyy wadup lmao

._. use the reply feature so comments won't look confusing.

Mhm, the nostalgia runs deep in this community.

Hello Jesperr,

Oh wow, I'm surprised to have someone actually respond to me. Though, I'm happy to see that there are still some people around in this forum *cough* Ukryty *cough*. Hopefully we'll be seeing more people around here. Yeah, is still fun to play, and seeing that most of us are staying home- more time to practice some new tricks. Though, I miss the old, nostalgic where people just goof around, troll people, and most importantly, run around for the entire game. 

Anyways, it's a pleasure to have someone to talk to after all these years on the forum. And I'm up for that duel, the rose still has its thorns. My name is now Knight Solaire instead of Ruby Rose in by the way. So if you see me, prepare to get memed on.

Stay safe and continue to hack and slash in the wilds.



Glad to see you active again on this forum lmao.


A pretty surprising update, I also didn't expect graphic changes. It's smoother, though I miss the slightly choppier The zoom-out doesn't really zoom out as far as it did before, which is fine. Gotta get used to the new HP, Armor, and Stamina bars tho.

*gets brutal football flashbacks*

Hoping for more active forum users to continue the forum though.

The reason you're not getting gold is because you reached the gold cap limit. If you look at it carefully, a gold-yellow bar would progressively grow as you gain more gold (It's located right under your gold count). You can only collect 1200 gold a week, and the gold cap goes down by 300 coins every day, so you can keep farming for some gold.

But even with the gold cap limit, you should be able to collect gold from quests even though.

Not sure what's happening, though I can't be much of help for that, and I'm not sure why your ogres can't die ;-;.