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Glad to see you active again on this forum lmao.


A pretty surprising update, I also didn't expect graphic changes. It's smoother, though I miss the slightly choppier The zoom-out doesn't really zoom out as far as it did before, which is fine. Gotta get used to the new HP, Armor, and Stamina bars tho.

*gets brutal football flashbacks*

Hoping for more active forum users to continue the forum though.

The reason you're not getting gold is because you reached the gold cap limit. If you look at it carefully, a gold-yellow bar would progressively grow as you gain more gold (It's located right under your gold count). You can only collect 1200 gold a week, and the gold cap goes down by 300 coins every day, so you can keep farming for some gold.

But even with the gold cap limit, you should be able to collect gold from quests even though.

Not sure what's happening, though I can't be much of help for that, and I'm not sure why your ogres can't die ;-;.

More like survival to our fps.

Speed buffs eh?

Ruby Rose strats 2.0

Good concept though.

That's great! ;v

On the AS server (Where most of the tryhards are, including me lmao), I was able to reach a whopping 800+ bone count (legit) by farming on the newbies and stealing kills from everyone. I just circled around the map and camped at the southwest mountain for free items. Sadly i died by being overwhelmed. .-.