I apologize.

Vladimir Putin 3 years ago updated by Shiru,Kurai ite 3 years ago 3

Ukryty here, using a very old alt I made, in case many things went wrong. And they did go wrong, but not for me. For all of you. Which is why I'm here.

What I have done over 3 years ago, was mayhem. Toxicity spilled on every single topic made. Insults, unfunny jokes, very random comments. Shitposts, overall spam. Aside from all other trolls like BoB aNdE vAgEnE or BeeP ImA SheeP, I was the real villain here.

Whole community hated me. I made Seal help me slowly destroy the forum. It was too late to ban us - even after Rezoner did it, forum was dead, and the last active topic was about banning both of us.

I "killed" this place. So many people left because of what I did. If only Rezoner stopped me earlier, community would be alive as ever.

I greatly apologize for what past me did. There's no reasoning behind why did I do that. Just a random toxic 14 y.o thought "Let's destroy some community".

While I regret my actions, there's a small chunk of me being satisfied. Don't get me wrong, singlehandedly making hundreds of people leave something isn't an easy task. Still, very wrong thing to do.

Hi everyone, it's Seal here, just to say again that I'm sorry for everything and wreaking havoc on the community. And I agree with Ukryty. Being unaware and going through everything with "eh whatever" kind of attitude made many people distraught. I'm prob not welcome here neither I feel like it and I'm fine with it. I'm not asking for forgiveness and neither for recognition of my measly contribution which was overshadowed by the chaos I inflicted. Hope you all are doing well and have gotten over this childish conflict I helped in the making.

Y’know it makes me happy that even though several people left after all these years, whether or not it was due to you guys, moving onto new things, or just experiencing life, you guys still remembered the wilds.io community. Personally I am completely oblivious and forgotten about practically everything that went down here after all these years, and I assume that most people are the same. It’s been real quiet here, and it’s always a great sight to see familiar faces again.

Ukryty and anyone else, in case you wanna contact me on discord, here's my tag: ItzSeal#8800