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Nice idea i like polar bears. +1.

Create another account. Then go to discord and contact rezoner to see if you can transfer your account.

Do you like dragon ball super? jeje goku super saiyan berseaker jaja.

let's not say you have a gun in your hand and the other one hanging if you only have one weapon in your hand but not two. I say 2 guns i shield? not for example lag claws are 2 guns but you have the shield.

This mode have future bad lag is... imposible play

sorry traductor translate in spain. But i am spain .

okey, bro team?

ehm, your hack?

Please do not accuse me. I have not done anything. Otherwise if it had been I would not open this one here.

Por favor, no me acusen. No he hecho nada. De lo contrario, si hubiera sido yo no abro este de aquí.