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There was idea for add possibility to change weapon in shelter inside the fort.

Everyone who had problem with login using patreon try it now. Everything should working now.

Pls stop posting such topics...

Bow got buff. Here is following stats:

Increasing the speed of the arrows from 600 to 700
-Reload from 0.75 to 0.65
-Stamina usage 1/2 less

Go and test it folks. I need to know how it works for you.

Thanks for good and productive opinion. I was playing with bow and i think ,we can increase stamina regeneration for half more, and change projectile speed from 600 to 700 (old was 800). It's my first observation, but we are gonna see after time. We want make this weapon balanced, not too strong or too weak.

Agree this can fit nice.

He didn’t left it. Sometimes you must spend more time for personal life, and it’s something what is most important. I know, there was long time no bigger updates, but still we can playing in game and enjoy free time.

I am pretty sure, soon game is gonna get some updates. This is wilds at the end. We must be strong as barbarians and survive hard times. Reward is gonna taste much better :3

Not everyone can be killed by 100 goblins. It’s a famous death :] Btw. Once i died killed by ogre with +300 bones cuz he threw me on spikes xd

Actually i am back in Poland and wilds don’t works even for me on my pc xD Rez need check it because still there is several people who can’t fix black screen...