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Sadly he is not. He had more important stuff to do, and not everything is cool as we want it to be. So in summary wilds is still working and you can play it, but i don't see any updates coming, at least in near feature. 

But it's still good to see that some people remeber this forum :3

Wilds was founded in may 2016. I have started playing one week after release. Believe me i know how this game works. Also hammer special can hit you only if person who used that, landed behind you. Even if your shield is up it can take 1 dmg by area effect. If you think that i am covering any possible cheaters i am sure you don't know who i am and what i was doing for wilds. This only makes me believe even more that you are still lacking knowledge about the game. I would really want to see your skill in game. By that i could easily say if my thoughts are true.

Experience is everything. I guess you are not playing long enough. About the lags: cheap servers is the cause of that. You can have god like ping but server is gonna still lagging a little. It's like that for everyone. About the combat - there are a lot of tricks which normal players may not know. As for example Kicking arrow back while it's behind you is nothing really strange. Also warping around: maybe you mean dash mechanic? When you dubble tap direction button you are gonna dash. Actually skill gap between older and newer players is pretty big. Experienced player know all the cooldowns of attacks and even by your position it's possible to predict your attack (especially if someone is playing pvp a lot). Muscle memory in this game is also a big thing. 

I will tell it stright: it's possible to block or dodge almost all enemy attacks if you are fast enough and you can predict enemy move. All you have to do is to gain experience.

One thing which you have to do, is turn off auto login option, everytime when you logged in to your account. This option is bugged right now. If game is restarting you need to delete cookie. 

Sadly patreon logins don't work anymore. So if you want to play and collect stuff, you have to create new account...

Can you join official discord server and send me pm? Same nick as here. I want to know more about that. Maybe it wasn't hacks, but i need confirm that (link to discord is in wilds main menu)


Time goes on... Every game and community have it's beginning and the end. Sadly as you mentioned, it's not gonna be alive again as it used to be. We just simply have to move forward. 

Yup it's bugged bots. It's really old bug, however from some reason is back