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You can zoom out in like entire page in browser for instanse in Google Chrome zzom in and out by using CTRL and + or CTRL and -

plus you can counter rolling by jumping with SPACE too so against rolling are 2 counter plays or anotehr one is that you can just easilly sidestep and they will miss you while rolling.

I like switching weapons in arena. Thats just all :D Mainly when against me is archer. If you got bow you got free win so why not to change weapons that i can get some free wins too. Its balanced and it should stay in state like it is now :)

I agree bow is really strong weapon.Actually strongest of all. You can barelly get to archer because they are always running and shooting while running and you have to kick that arrows back or block and you cant get to that archer if you are melee. But if you manage to get to enemy archer he can fight with that bow like with axe,so archer dont have any downgrade if you are good with axe or sword you are practicly undefeatable with bow,because you are shooting them from far away but if they will get close to you,you are fighting just like with normal axe so its really OP. Bow should have more personality because now its axe mutated with bow :D

I actually can tell this is serius think and i am using it, I won lot of fights becasue of it even that i shouldnt. On the end of round i throw axe to spawn position of my enemy and on the beggging of other round it will port on him and dmg him like it would normally and he cant do anythink about it.

Sword is actually still OP i think.I own only Axe but when i am against a guy with sword in Arena and in the second round i got his sword i always win . I think that sword isnt broken its its fine like it is now :) Sword Spin isnt useless, it deals 2 dmg which is really great and after pushing enemy away you can easily dash to them and keep on fighting.If enemy will block your special attack it wont push him and you can instantly perform another attack or dash away and get to safe position.Also you said shockwave is unblockable its uncorrect.If you block with shield it will deal dmg to you but it wont knock you on the ground,but if you jump with SPACE it wont deal dmg to you and it wont even knock you :) SO IN THE END I THINK SWORD SHOULD STAY IN STATE LIKE IT IS NOW I ACTUALLY LIKE IT MORE THEN AXE OR HAMMER :)