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Don't bother with the welcome back, I'm not here to stay until the game gets better.

Yeah but I stopped watching for five weeks and still not a single update when I check in....

It does sound good. Players working together is something I would like to see.


don't just 'lol', this isn't youtube, you're bumping topics without contributing to them meaningfully.

says the kid who shitposts twice in a row.

No, it's not the ice staff, it's the fact that your character locks into a victory pose after every kill. Do your research and curb your attitude.

I did some research, and my options are to

1) rebind controls, which will essentially make me a noob again, or

2) play without charged attack, run, or kick, because they're all messed up, or

3) quit, which is probably what i'm going to do. It's been sort of fun, but honestly, I liked Rezoner's Survival Game more than I liked