Is this game still being worked on?

Grant Mitchell 6 years ago updated by The Ozan 6 years ago 12

This game is still going to be worked on. Rezoner is just busy with his new game, Wanderers.io

I guessed true. But, is there problem about my grammar?

yAWH he ruined it and got rid of graveyard :( : (: ( : (: ( :) : O find the difference lol

Rezoner said that he will be back in wilds in the new year

you mean 2018? ;-;

LOL, is not it 2018 yet? Here already is.

"A watched pot is slow to boil" - Benjamin Franklin

Yeah but I stopped watching for five weeks and still not a single update when I check in....

Rezoner as a game dev, and as a game dev, it can be quite hard to have time for almost anything, but he has put priorities first. Of course family and time for yourself is priority, but time to help grow and "build" new games like Rezoner's Wanderers.io and Warehouse Panic (Check Rezoner's twitter) are also priority. Wilds.io is already pretty great and 'fixed', so it doesn't really need high priority for major updates.

The real problem here is that most of us are kinda really impatient for new things, since we are pretty tired and bored of the stuff we have so far...So, might as well wait patiently or leave.

Also, welcome back to the forums, achillesRising.

Don't bother with the welcome back, I'm not here to stay until the game gets better.


Zeis Lion all over again. Don't make me do my awesome story time xD