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While I like the charge attack, I think it takes away from the old combat system. A handful of people just sit around with their weapon charged, waiting for your shield to go down or for you walk into range when you're attacking / being attacked by someone else.

This error from Patreon also comes up before you're able to login:

Was able to do it, found two ways through the bomb and rolling.

That means that he'd have to add a whole new animation for that. I like Egezkutor's idea more, as the spike animation already exists. He only needs to have it for when a person falls into the void. The current problem with the worms is that they are able to kill you if you're too close to the edge of the floor, a problem that wouldn't exist if you had the spikes.

The columns and open transitions for the treasure room are quite difficult to see, maybe make the floor darker for areas that have a transition? And maybe remove the columns that aren't needed in certain areas?

Making it 100+ though will make it take forever for a match to go though. It would be better to make it for people who are logged into an account. Let's say it has a "are you still here" check mark box that you have to click on to confirm that you are not afk every 5-10 minutes, as it takes a while to get a 3v3.

I've seen this happen a few times as well. They're not actually hacking, it's a bug which just makes the players show up invisible.

Yeah it can get quite annoying.