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Winter themed map

Tytanowy Janusz 8 years ago updated by werewolf 7 years ago 65

Let's call it a snowy mountains!

Map design is a pain in the butt, to be precise, making of tilesets is not so easy (or rather - it's time consuming). I understand that Rez don't have much time to make them. Since I have some spare time now (not happening very often!), I can do something good for the whole community and design tilesets for a new map.

I have a sketch of the whole map in my precious brain. It would be a good habitat for our yeti-like-monster :D

Here is a sample:

Main theme would be snow-covered rocks, ice and snow. Maybe some small wooden or cave/rock camps as well. Everything is going to match the style of previous maps.

Everything is going to be possible only if Rez will approve it. Any help or cooperation from other pixel-artists, which are probably present here, is welcome.

hi titanowy, its a good idea a winter map but it should be different, i mean different trap and boxes places, and another type of builds

What did you draw the samples with?

+1 The samples are beautiful and fit the style of the game. I would definitely like to see this implemented.

Under review

Yay, looks awesome mate. Ok so the first world - I for sure don't have time to work on a new map now (graphics is just a part of the work) but I am not dismissing it either. The problems I see:

1) We need more players - currently it's not so rare that you land in an empty room - adding another map will only fragmentate players more. Heroes of Newerth is one of the game suffering from that - they have a lot of maps/modes but they display only 3 - so this is probably a solution.

2) I am not accepting free contributions - I would rather pay you for the work. I believe you are a good person but that's an open field for abusing copyright infrigements and claiming part of authorship of the game - this require a good amount of legal work for which I don't have time and resources now.

3) I feel it could replace the Desert map because it's pretty much the same mode - but I foresight heavy resistance from "old" players.

1) Can you estimate how many players do we have now? Is this number growing after last updates? If number of players will be higher, then addition of a new map will be better option than increasing number of rooms (it will make the game more attractive for sure).

2) I think we can figure this out :)

3) Arctic/polar desert may work as well. Also, you can always switch the map theme according to seasons - arctic in winter and sandy in summer.

Redesigning of actual tiles and designing of required new ones can take me a couple months anyway (since my free time is also a bit limited), so there is no hurry in anything. Thus, we may consider everything later.



since we have some new players now

Chcesz rysować - rysuj :) Dodam tę mapę - ale bierzesz na swoje barki, że jeżeli będzie tak opuszczona jak pustynia to nie będę jej mógł trzymać w grze (pustynia idzie do wycięcia lada dzień, bo obniża statystyki - nowi gracze wchodzą i uciekają po dwóch minutach myśląc, że gra jest taka słaba).

Jeżeli chcesz murki będziesz też musiał ogarnąć tilesety.

Zawsze można pustynię zastąpić nową mapką :)

Sadly desert isn't very popular, but updates have to come out to entice new and old players. I look forward to seeing a winter map :)

jaki jest rozmiar kafelka? 64x51?

can you say that again in english

Lol , I'm not polish , but having google helps me understand XD

Świąteczne drzewka! Czas dodać bombki i światełka, choinki!

i cant understand'

LOL It's an amazing job +99 xD



Working on them :)

Anyway, probably I won't finish them before end of the winter.

Yup, that's a frozen goblin.

Didnt rez say he wasnt going to accept but i still admire your determination

Rezoner accepted , he said it along with an image of tiles than needs changes (for the winter map) xD He said it in Polish...

lol that imagination good work

this work you did it with him chrome develop tools?


I owe you a little update on this thread. So I have been working on making the editor suitable for custom maps and I will soon pass it to Janusz and then he will be able to create a map in his free time (if he wants to of course :) Sorry it takes so long but working on an editor is like building another game.

Damn i want too this tool. I have in plans forest theme map with trees, wooden houses etc. :D


While making tiles I got an idea for pseudo-3d tiles:

Should I go in that way? :F

pls repeat name the program pls i need this tool pls :[

I can not find it


Probably Inkscape. Best program for graphics like this.


1000 thanks bro i love you xd


I use gimp and paint, actually for some stuff paint is better :D

But how do you do those drawings? you are an artist


First I do some sketches, after that I can start adding textures and colours:

Quite simple :)

Paint/Gimp - powerful tools :D

yeah even a kid could do it :D

you are crazy? Go try to do something the same

it was a joke

Fuck sorry for bumping!


Most of Wilds static graphics was created in Gimp and Aseprite


Little update on 3d tiles:

I need them because I'd like to place winter map in mountains. Thus, at first I have to prepare "raw" ones, not covered in snow. These can be still used in game :)

They are repetitive, however, I decided to make more than just 1-2 tiles to make them more natural (something like this does not look nice).

I have also started to prototype pseudo mountains a few months ago, but I have lost patience quickly :D Anyway - yours looks awesome.

Source tile size in wilds is 64x128 - while the grid is 64x44
Meaning your wall tile can be up to 128 pixels high- while floor tile can be only 44 pixels high.

These wall tiles are all 64 wide, and none of them is higher than 95 pixels.

Only these "transition" tiles on left and right are wider, about 115 pixels, but I can divide them by half.

Wait tyt are you rez's assistant?


Good work. You have the talent. I'm going to get on with the theme Forest but we'll see how it will look like.

For some time I throw post with samples how this can looks.


you're very talented! I'm impressed, really!


mad talent. also i cant wait to see a snowy map. that was the first request i ever made.

(without the awsome pictures)

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i think this is very good idea and it could combain with the palisides as a new game mode (palisides game mode)

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