Can I please have my tribe back?

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I founded the tribe called "Demon Executioners", I had 2 accounts in that tribe. 

The account which founded the tribe, and the account that was practically the leader but didn't make the tribe and has the biggest amount of bones.

I accidentally left the tribe because I forgot that the account that founded the tribe was not the one the one I was using as my main one. I am not even sure when I left it. Anyway, the ownership of that tribe is gone and the "main" account that is not the leader called "Demon Executioner" has the largest amount of bones. I don't want to my hard work to go to waste. 

Also it would be nice if it showed who the leader was and made it possible to transfer ownership.

Please help.

What supposed you to have 35 alternative accounts xD

This is why you don't even mess with that,don't even think to try if you're uncertain that will fully work and end up good.

A kind of similar case happened to me , Thankfully Rezoner noticed my despair and saved me from one heck of a mistake .

Too bad Rez isn't seeing this post, or if I were to be pessimistic I would say he doesn't care.

Check his last activity

That makes me feel a lot more hopeful, I knew Rez senpie would never abandon me.

Need to make sure to have this post up at the top in case Santa Rez makes his trip to this forum once a year

And leave him maybe some milk and cookies,dunno.

I'd drop in a little bag of something else for Santa


Your child brain might fry if I tell you :/


My "child" brain,whu.what?Im 15 btw,and no,my adolescent brain won't fry!I'm prepared.


Then I don't want to corrupt your child brain

¯\_( ° ͜ʖ °)_/¯ 

kvek kvek

seal is my religion

Help me please

if i good remeber you can use command in main chat for bring back you to tribe. This was command like /restore and you must type it on account which was a leader of tribe. 

If this is not gonna work tell me about it. I will try found this command because i don’t remeber if this was Exactly this one.

I did /recove_tribe 

but it said there is nothing to recover

Did u try /recover? no _tribe?

Nothing worked  :/, thanks for the comments though

*tear rolls down cheek* and the tribe finally got on the map

welp, also nice to see all of the spammers gone.. if only I could have my tribe back...