Damn arena bug.

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Please fix this, loosing points because I cant see the archer really sucks. Thanks you.

It really sucks, also if your removing the bug, you might as well remove the Seals.




yep, i posted something about it too :P


Under review

is  this the only map where this is happeńing?

any way of killing yourself in the right moment its the factor, like the 3v3 remember?

first time it happened to me, sorry

One thing what you must do for make possibility of occur this bug is suicide when you win round. There is small chance you will be invisible in next rounds.

Dangerous information, now that I think about it. Thats exactly what happened. e.e

Now is more chances this will be repaired :p

You shoulda made this a private post...

But this bug was posted when 3v3 mode was in game. So this is nothing new and most players who played 3v3 should know it. 

it happen in every map if you die after you kill the other player


No, it's not. I've posted twice in detail what causes the bug but it went under your radar. It's the falling animation. So it can be also done on maps with pits. If you're still falling when the new round starts it carries over. So you die at the start of the animation, the new round starts and resurrects you, and your player model finishes falling into the ground so you end up without a body. Exploiting this requires timing so that the new round starts while you're falling. I suggested that the player dies at the end of the animation, not the beginning. That way if somebody tries to cheat they'll get punished by losing the next round.

EDIT: Also, I'm getting annoyed explaining the exact circumstances of the bug and it getting overlooked over the "sometimes when you die after killing the opponent".

It's when someone gets killed and the person who killed him, he died then respawn the person who killed him is invisible 

It happens on spikes, when you jump in the player does a falling animation, and if you time it so that the falling animation is happening while you respawn the player will turn invisible.

Woah woah woah, what SEALS is doing wrong? Maybe remove WAR?, if you are that so clever to suggest it?


It was a joke.. though I have to admit I don't like SEALS. A few individuals from that tribe boil my blood.



I'm not talking about you. Did I ever say it was you?. Hell, I didn't even know you were a seal.

By the way, what is your wilds name

he's a EU player

pretty sure his name in game is ukryty

he's considered one of the best

had discord ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

active userecho user

has a fan base that consists mostly (and only) of me ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Yes, I am EU server player, My in-game nick is Ukryty, but now I stopped playing (like Phroenix XD), I never knew I'm considered one of the best, I had discord because I forgot address to your group (XDDD), I'm VERY active userecho user, and I never knew about this fan base. How many members?

Never heard of you, so what exactly is considered one of the best? Like 300+ arena point?

Do you was playing old wilds, before adding first ruins map?

Nah, I only joined about 3 months ago

Oh, so that's why you didn't heard about me. I'm playing as long as this game exist.

Why did you stop playing? I mean you're on userecho all the time

Jeez, this is so boring to keep killing everyone without any longer than 3 days break-out from game... I just have to give a chance for other games.

I'm playing now:

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

KoGaMa(Don't laugh! This game drew me like vacuum cleaner!)

Total War: Warhammer

Mass Effect: Andromeda

Sid Meier's Civilization VI

Asphalt 8: Airborne

Wanna play with me R6 Siege? :D

I would if I had a computer instead of a laptop. I have a 2.66 GHz processor and 8gb ram :c

And really shitty ventilation, makes me want to put a dull knife through my neck every times I think about it.

I know that feeling.

Wait, Rainbow six siege? Whats your in game name? You should check out other youtubers like Macie jay.

I saw total war on the list, I have never played it but I enjoy RTS sometimes. I have played some old games like Spellforce Platinum and Paraworld. Still play them to this day when I'm bored XD

Good start for you should be total war: Rome 2. I learnt in this game everything, that nothing scares me in this series now. And I'm zbylon80 in R6 Siege.

Yeah, people use this to cheat. I managed to win against a invisible person (he did this intentionally) after he used the claw's special and ended up falling into the spikes when I dodged. TAKE THAT CHEATER!!!


Salty Salty


How about i change your text?


 disguised popusi kurac LADNO I LJEPO picicu odurni ;3

why are you saying things in a different language? are you an idiot? I cant read that

And guys did you know that disguised copyed my and seal's attacks like omg that bastard was weaker than a bot before he met Seals.....

Ah who dafuq cares imma kill him 1000000000+ times if i have too ....

LOL, coped your attacks, are you serious mate? 1v1 me. I'll destroy you like I did to the rest of your clan members, little cowards always run. Except Herr, he is the only good player you have. 

Why would I copy your attacks, you can't even play. I killed you over and over last time, and I was just starting to play back then. You're rank 3 in arena, thats worse than a noob and you have been playing since the game came out. 

I have 3 stars, sure it may not be much compared to the over all leaderboard, but hell is it enough to kill you and most of the people in your tribe.

Kill me? haha, if you can

I'm waiting in fort, matchmaking: SEALS, you sure like to talk big, lets see you back that up. Don't go crying after I mess you up. Last time you were crying to me because you said you had no friends and you can't play.

And I honestly wish I was joking about that.

At this rate you should just take up comedy.

Heh when i see this stupid tribe wars i want take my sword and rekt you all xD


I bet you could haha, 1v1 me someday again, Rezak just ignored me when I asked and you are the best player I know, c:

It also cant be considered a tribe war, after all Seals are so small and insignificant compared to WAR, it would be like bullying a toddler. :D



Thank you Rez <3

Thank you it happened to me a few times

It is not fixed as when I played arena I turned invisible and couldn't tell what I was doing.