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How to play in new version?

wildsio player 3 years ago updated by Egzekutor 3 years ago 10

I want to play wilds.io, but i don't know how. Where is the button "claim name" and how to join server (i'm changing to Asia/America) and there is the same situation.

new update confuses ya xD

i dont understand russian

mines not like this..

Ok first what you must do is log in your account. When you do that, you got option to claim nickname ( when you write your nick just click "enter" on keyboard. Also when you switch server for US/AS just click in which mode you want play.

Probably you had bug or maybe Rez updated something when you wanted play. This is reason why you not saw all options.

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Yo man it seems that you are entering wilds with an invitation link. Try typing manually wilds.io in your browser. Not sure what is causing it - also try entering wilds.io in incognito window (ctrl + shitft + N in Chrome)

Polish message:

Próbowałem w tym incognito, przełączałem serwery zmieniałem konto itd. nadal nie widać żadnego serwera, spojrzałem pod F12 w konsoli i wyświetlają się jakieś błędy, może one powodują ten błąd.

Nie masz to jakiegoś starego chroma?

Stary system mam (Windows XP), jak wiesz chrome już nie wspiera tak starych systemów.

Spróbuje z firefox'a odpalić

Dobra, sytuacja się rozwiązała, musiałem odpalić wildsy z firefoksa.

Dzięki za pomoc.

This bug still occur to other players. I know few more people who can't play in game because of this bug.