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I think rez could spend his time making better things than a slide

Oh thanks

Did you by any chance get kicked out of your tribe despite being the creator?

Because hoe wants attention

Fucking attention seeker, we dont need to know the amount of bones you have or your rank. By the way losing interest is a reason.

Also, you need to provide proof that the account is actually yours...

No, I played with him about 10 seconds ago. How did I know it was him:

1. The name

2. His English was terrible and all he could say is "I facking your mom in 6 years" whatever that meant..

It was actually the opposite for me, it was ok when I first started, then it got more intense to the point where I left.

Now I'm back and it runs quite good, there is the occasional ping spike.

I think its the Ugandan Knuckles.. 

A filter might help a little, but in the end you cant stop toxic people. You can always send the message across but putting a * or something to make the word pass through, for example f*ck.