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Finaly someone like me...

That's what I say too since I'm legitely not loved much by those two.That's why I rather hang out online than being with ones who don't appreciate me and only find flaws in me rather than my talents.I agree a lot.+1

Well bow is fine but that damn kick..

No shit...Oops.

Yea yea,I understand..

Sheepy apologiesed to my since he targeting me from beggining and I reppeled him off.Now that I've forgiven him,he's nicer than before to me.Jeez,lana,did ya' ever think of that?!

Cut it out lana.I'm just dark,not an emo or depressed,so it's none of your concerns.Just knock it off already and watch for yourself.

What makes you supervisor now?

I'll be screwed in few weeks anyway,so your chlich├ęs are irrelevant.