Your comments

Hi Seal, 

I think you accused me of bumping my thread unnecessarily:

"No need to ban everyone cuz' of few(quite few) of bumps,"

I'm responding on here so as not to be accused of bumping my own thread again - because there is not a message system.

I responded to a gif with a gif immediately, and to two other comments I made my position more clear, all within a few hours. I responded soon so as not to bump, and only tried to respond when warranted.

I read the one idea a week rule (which seems like a good idea) and wanted to make sure my idea counted and I followed the rules of the forum. I don't want it to seem like I am not following rules or being respectful, so please let me know if I did something wrong I was unaware of.


So many times I thought I was safe to shoot someone because they were kicking the other direction, then they apparently turned their mouse around and shot my arrow back at me. While this takes skill, it is counter intuitive and detrimental to game-play. I agree, this needs to be fixed. If the projectile isn't clearly coming from the opposite direction of the kicking animation, it should not be reflected or blocked.

a) If you wouldn't want trouble, you wouldn't have to be king. The only reason you don't have that much trouble now is there's no particular reason to try to become king, so most people are content to let you be. 

b) Even if you don't team up, it wouldn't be impossible to kill the leader. Just a little harder. They just get a few extra grenades. You can still skillfully beat them even if they have an advantage. The advantage also applies more to fighting big groups - I don't have particular trouble avoiding a thrown grenade in a 1 on 1, do you?
Not to mention, part of the game already is the cluster**** of big group fights - they already happen. You could avoid that battle if you want by just not targeting the king easily.

It could be magic themed too like a fireball - just to give power to the king - I figured since we ALREADY HAVE GRENADES in this game that might be easier to implement.