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As I said, if he needs to leave, ok! But this post is not good for the game.

And, no need to delete your account. I'm pretty sure you will back someday! And deleting your account will make you lose everything!

These kind of posts don't help the game to grow up... If you need to leave, ok leave, say bye to your friends in discord or facebook but not here. I think this post deserves to be deleted and similar posts too.

Thanks my friend, I'm the admin again =)

Thank you very much =)

I was waiting for Rezoner to release the Wanderers because I knew he was very busy. Now, can you check my problem? Thanks!

Well, you playing with 8 and 12 ms is great! I only used to reach this ping in south america servers.

This just happened again to me today and there is no X button when this happens. The place where the X button is when this happens has the refresh option only, look in the print below the difference (two prints).

When I took the print scrren, the ping was 100ms, but with that lag I told in the post.

When these lags were happening to me, my ping was between 90ms and 100ms which is fine for me (I can play normal with that). I can't play when the ping is 200ms... In south america servers my ping was 20ms, but 90ms is fine too.

I tried /recover_tribe but nothing happens :(