Something never stops to load and lags the game

Santa Clown 1 year ago • updated by Etheric Form 1 year ago 5

There are two different lags in the game, the lag in the ping (connection problems and affects everyone) and this lag I'll show you in this post. This lag seems to happen only with some people, in this case, happened only with me because everyone was playing fine and never complained in the chat.

I noticed that the game was fine, and suddenly, my browser started loading something on ssp.streamrail.net... So, everytime my browser shows "Waiting ssp.streamrail.net" the game freezes for 2 or 4 seconds or more, and this message on my browser "Waiting ssp.streamrail.net" keeps appearing everytime and lagging the game everytime it's appears.

Aguardando = Waiting

I know this may be some advertising thing, and some players using adblock aren't facing this issue, that's why I think this happens only with players like me who doesn't use adblock.

When these lags were happening to me, my ping was between 90ms and 100ms which is fine for me (I can play normal with that). I can't play when the ping is 200ms... In south america servers my ping was 20ms, but 90ms is fine too.

You should try to stop loading the page. You know, click the reload thing. If it's loading, it should be an X. This happened to me a couple times, and I use add block (not that it actually blocks adds -_-). But when it happened, I didn't get lots of lag, though the ping still went up a tad. (8-12 to 20-35).

This just happened again to me today and there is no X button when this happens. The place where the X button is when this happens has the refresh option only, look in the print below the difference (two prints).

When I took the print scrren, the ping was 100ms, but with that lag I told in the post.

Well, you playing with 8 and 12 ms is great! I only used to reach this ping in south america servers.


Rezoner used to have South American servers, but because of lack of revenue, he removed the server since it was the providing the least revenue. I sure do hope that with more patrons, there will be more servers in other places.