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I agree with this. It would be a nice feature.

Spanking means to slap your ass as a punishment. Use wordreference if you don't know a word. Very helpful ;)

Rezoner should focus on fix that asap. Bugs should have more priority than everything else, specially those which the player can take advantage.

No mate it wasn't you. He did it twice on purpose. He clearly knew the bug and how to exploit it.

No pls I don't want this game to turn a pay2win.

I like spectable arena matches (specially because you could watch how experienced players fight) and tribe chat. Now I'm using a new account, but in my old one, I was in a tribe, and I never was able to contact with any member. What's the point of joining a tribe then? New items can wait, and I'm not very into new game modes. People tend to get excited about them but after time very few players keep playing them, like CTF.

I don't remember his nick but I'm sure it wasn't him, although as far as I know he seems to use that a lot...