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If you're bored and alive, play some wilds.
If you're not bored and alive, play some wilds when you have time.

In any case, play wilds, for you will like the moments you 4v1 and win.

Wishing you a great day,
Unnamed Floki

Oh yeah get AdBlock if you haven't already. If you go to my profile you'll see this was literally the same problem I was facing 4 years ago 

The amount of deaths doesn't really matter. When I first started playing multiple years ago, I too had this frequently. Now it is very rare, perhaps because I'm using Chrome now.

As the game is running again, I'd say this method should still work. However, if the problem keeps persisting, I suggest contacting Egzekutor on the Discord I just linked. He will say the same, I'm sure of that, but perhaps he knows another method.

Yeah, you can find it on the main menu. However, I've got the link here for you: 

Click here

There is also an active clan that is all about wilds. Right now I can't send you the link to it, but let me know and I'll do so later this week

How do you mean 'it fixes itself after a few hours'? Like after doing what I said, it went back to this, or do you mean something else.

If the game flashes between the loading screen and a black screen, you must delete the cookies on your browser and restart it. For me, this was how I stopped the bug multiple times already

Hey Ruby,

Indeed, it has been very quiet for a long time. After two years, I also came back around during the corona crisis. 
Personally, I would say it's still fun to play. Over the past 1,5 months that I've been playing again, I noticed that there are still awesome people present in-game, though in small numbers.

Anyways, it's good to hear from you. If you ever happen to go to the EU server, I hope to find you there for a duel.

Stay safe,

I'll try to explain it as detailed as possible for better understanding.

Everytime I login, I get that loading screen, wich constantly switches when fully loaded between that screen with that crash and between the loading bar, like 4 or 5 times in a row switching between those things called earlier. If I'm lucky (so when I can login, wich is sometimes really hard) it loads 3 times and at the 3rd time, it takes longer than the other 2 times to load, and after that ur logged in. 

But when I come to that screen where everything is on 0 players (including mostly no chat messages), I try to relog in using my Google account or my Facebook account (even while I always have auto login on). And when I do that, the site first make a new tab, then it instantly closes and goes away in 2 seconds. Then I come back at (because the tab closes himself) and I see the login options, but than darker as you see at the second image. I am unable to close that login option screen, I cant even do something. The only thing I can do is refresh the page and hope it will work next time. That's how I can play, if I'm lucky. It's really frustrating knowing you always need to be lucky to even play the game, and keep refreshing. 

Hope this is detailed enough.

Still got the same, it didnt stop it