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How can I fix this?

Jesperr 7 years ago updated by I EAT RULES FOR BREAKFAST 7 years ago 15

Hello wilds.io players,

Everytime I open wilds.io, it has a strange loading of the game, and after that the game kinda crashed. In this image you see what I mean with the crash, because I come at wilds.io, and everywhere stands 0 players.

Image 1815

It isn't that I don't have an account, because I do and I have auto login on. When I try to login again this happens:

Image 1816

The screen gets dark and it keeps like this. Mostly I need to refresh and try again and again because of this. Am I the only one having this? Hope you guys can fix this.

Maybe Rezoner updating something? How long you have this problem? 

You can try also clear history and cashe in your browser. Sometimes this help after update.

I have it since I've been playing it. I'll try clearing history.

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Are you using newest version of chrome?

Yes I do

I'll try to explain it as detailed as possible for better understanding.

Everytime I login, I get that loading screen, wich constantly switches when fully loaded between that screen with that crash and between the loading bar, like 4 or 5 times in a row switching between those things called earlier. If I'm lucky (so when I can login, wich is sometimes really hard) it loads 3 times and at the 3rd time, it takes longer than the other 2 times to load, and after that ur logged in. 

But when I come to that screen where everything is on 0 players (including mostly no chat messages), I try to relog in using my Google account or my Facebook account (even while I always have auto login on). And when I do that, the site first make a new tab, then it instantly closes and goes away in 2 seconds. Then I come back at wilds.io (because the tab closes himself) and I see the login options, but than darker as you see at the second image. I am unable to close that login option screen, I cant even do something. The only thing I can do is refresh the page and hope it will work next time. That's how I can play wilds.io, if I'm lucky. It's really frustrating knowing you always need to be lucky to even play the game, and keep refreshing. 

Hope this is detailed enough.

Don't use Chrome, Opera does a better job. Firstly I have no option but to use Opera cause chrome just rapes my CPU.

'Cause chrome prefers your CPU over mine.  XD

Put the extension: "AdBlock Plus" will block all the ads that may affect the game

Chrome Web Store search AdBlock Plus

The ads also slow down the game

I'll install that

Still got the same, it didnt stop it

Turn off firewall, be like Braveheart!