A Checkup

Ruby Rose 4 years ago updated by Storm Crow 4 years ago 3

Hello old forum. Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, I wanted to see check on how the game/forum was doing. It has been quite a while- a few years since. It seems that this forum and a few discord servers are quite inactive. A very minute group of players that I've seen years ago are still playing I assume? Well, I wonder where y'all went. Anyways, stay safe.

- Ruby Rose


Hey Ruby,

Indeed, it has been very quiet for a long time. After two years, I also came back around during the corona crisis. 
Personally, I would say it's still fun to play. Over the past 1,5 months that I've been playing again, I noticed that there are still awesome people present in-game, though in small numbers.

Anyways, it's good to hear from you. If you ever happen to go to the EU server, I hope to find you there for a duel.

Stay safe,


Hello Jesperr,

Oh wow, I'm surprised to have someone actually respond to me. Though, I'm happy to see that there are still some people around in this forum *cough* Ukryty *cough*. Hopefully we'll be seeing more people around here. Yeah, wilds.io is still fun to play, and seeing that most of us are staying home- more time to practice some new tricks. Though, I miss the old, nostalgic wilds.io where people just goof around, troll people, and most importantly, run around for the entire game. 

Anyways, it's a pleasure to have someone to talk to after all these years on the forum. And I'm up for that duel, the rose still has its thorns. My name is now Knight Solaire instead of Ruby Rose in wilds.io by the way. So if you see me, prepare to get memed on.

Stay safe and continue to hack and slash in the wilds.




It's been a while.

I haven't played wilds in forever, glad to see you guys are still around and doing well. This forum is such a crazy nostalgia blast. The good old days were truly good, and it sucks to see empty servers now. Whatever, all good things come to an end, right? It was a great ride while it was going, though. 

Stay safe and sane, everyone. Y'all are the best


Storm Crow.