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Add the rope item, and also allow the use of the skill as conceived Problem solved.

Return the charged attack to slowdown?

It's not a bug, this is normal. Even though they are clones, you do not have to control two at the same time, they become bots.

In case, the day would last 6 minutes and the night would also have 6 minutes, 6 + 6 = 12, in case 24h.

Very interesting egzekutor, It would be cool in the game. +1 positive feedback.

Sorry for the errors in the translation.

Note: I used google translator to translate. I do not speak english

Translation: I can not stand this special anymore, there are no more battles and fun. Just run carry it back to use, can not play to have fun with it in the game, Rezoner please I beg you to remove this attack from the game. Sincerely, Fast Killer.

Genial, Um sistema com uma lista de amigos ajudaria bastante.