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Ultimate list of bugs in wilds!

Egzekutor 7 years ago updated by Ukryty(Still alive 04 03 2021) 7 years ago 14

Here is, one, great, Ultimate list of bugs in wilds!

I decided to put in this post all known for me bugs. Now Rez you do not have to read 10 posts, and can focus on the one in which you'll find most useful information to fix bugs.

So here we go!

I segregate bugs into categories to make it easier to catch.(Also i use here posts about bugs what other peoples send). I put here only bugs what still is in game, also this news.

1. General:

- You can dash through the closed cutting gate

- You can dash when you are frozen

- Chest not have animation when you try open it

- When player falls into sand pit sometimes animation is bugged and for a longer moment you see a player like that stood in the middle

- Items sometimes not spawn properly on the pedestals (sometimes they spawn too low or too high)

Image 912

- When you zoom out screen you can throw grenades for insane range (they fly exacly where is your cursor on the map)

- I Heard few times, when someone throw grenade the screen freeze








(This few found Snackdubbbz)

- Enemies no longer drop their items

- When you get the dog helmet from a mystery box and die, the sound effects still play after you die

2. 3vs3 mode:



- When you fall to the sand hole after winning round in next round you spawn invisible

3. Menu and guilds:




- Black line does not disappear when you click on the nickname and then leave from the guild menu

Image 913

4. Capture the flag mode:


(I'm sorry if are on the list you found bugs fixed already. This applies in particular 3vs3 because the last time I can not play this mode due to technical problems).

Ok i think i put here the most bugs what i know. Thank you all for your support and also for that you try to change the game for the better. If I left something very please write this in the comments. I think this post will help you Rez faster fixing problems and bugs.

Regards, Egzekutor

Quickjumps let you pass through closed cutting gates too.

Dash was first that allowed it and it was mentioned many times already. :P

Also goblins is gone, but i'm not sure this is bug. Anyway i write this here.

Under review

Thanks, I will keep this list at hand reach


hey egzekutor You missed one its not much of a bug but a grammar mistake it doesnt mater but look here theres a few the's missing rez

And i found an actual bug while doing this. If you stay here then click take me to the game it changes your name to a default name

I found another bugish one its a graphic type or visual the dust cloud is a bit back it should be closer to the body

Or maybe its just me

I put in this post only bugs. In my opinnion grammar mistakes is not that important as bugs.

Anyway thanks. Any another bug in this post make job for Rez easier. It's pretty impossible found all bugs as one person, so we must teamworking for better efficiency :)

I found in CTF map hole in mountains, so you can stole flag and go faaaar away. I was chasing guy with flag who was on left up corner 10 minutes.

Thanks for the screenshot of that hole

I did screenshot? :D

Sry, i have problem with screenshots, nothing works :/

Wait i will try

I put this bug/mistake in this post. Vykrad make post about this already. Check link in ctf mode bugs :)

Did it! :D

Achievement unlocked: First screenshot

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