Bot Hacker in Ruins

Phroenix 7 years ago updated by Moms Spaghetti 7 years ago 7

Today I found a group of 4 people at the beginning had not realized more were 4 clones of a person.

Image 857

Print does not show a group, as I took moments later. And I was wondering if soon this bot business at wilds.io will end ...?


You can login to the same person on lots of different tabs

Same account can be used by multiple people, thats all.


Two weeks ago... i remember it like today... :D

I got heavy lags and game stopped, so i restarted it. I went to same room where i was and spawned in same place. And what i see? I see my clone, who is moving and fighting like bot. He was in my team so i tried to rescue him, but he died. After die he disappear forever.

It's not a bug, this is normal. Even though they are clones, you do not have to control two at the same time, they become bots.

dude when you go play then close wilds.Io window it became a bots

soo he did that 4 times and then these bot disapear

If you just refresh the page it will make a bot, im pretty sure that was what happened. I do that to get in the right server, and make bots in the process by mistake.