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how slow we talking?

nvm just saw it

maybe not 3-5 per minute but this is actually a good idea and im not sure why people disliked it

its actually not a idea its a question sry

it only has 5 hp so its not really a tank but if rezoner sees it he will probably upgrade that

there should be specific weapons for grunt and berserker but don't add too much because you don't want to be scrambling around your keyboard to press the buttons. but maybe with a in game currency you can equip a single weapon and switch it around.

yeah i was about to post the same thing and then i saw this and i was like goood. because i didn't have to deal with the people who say "OMG OMG NEEEDD MORE CONTENT TO PLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY." anyway thanks rezoner for this game and thanks nic for being braver than me. :(

hmmm but mabye specific skins for classes amirite