Your comments

"Let me know if you would buy it"

please change this to mabey only 2 shots if i hit the oppenent when they are blocking im dead. They usally always get 3 shots and im not able to do shit.

good job I think its good

But like rezoner said before, I dont think he will accept it because it is a handout and would much rather pay for things that would be added to the game because of legal matters

not a question just saying that rez should change it back so that you dont change weapons

Seems like this would be great if added to wilds. I dont agree with the more skins bc the game cn only handle a handful.

Im noticing that hammer is more op then the sword, I don't understand how pushing the enemy back farther is really that helpful. I just saw that the opponent got more time to run. I think that the hammer should have the same damage as the sword. So the hammer should do 2 damage or the sword could get buffed to 3.