Your comments

Agree. Recently changed my nickname, and when I swapped, BOOM! No capitals. Terrible.

I also kick other players against walls, it is a nice game mechanic. But what happened to me was just... ;_;

I used to hate on the new version, but now that we have the old map and that the game mechanics are really similar to the old wilds (if not identical, except for dashing and axe throwing) I have nothing to complain about. Moreover, I like it that roll is shorter. It feels faster and smoother. Dashing and axe throwing add a nice flavour to the game.

Agree with most of the stuff, except the 360 blocking thing. It is really useful against hordes of enemies.

The problem is only on the ruins map, since the wall and falling thingy can be exploited. I can handle PvP in the desert map with no problems.