Kicks and walls are too OP (ruins)

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This is especially remarkable when a bunch of people of the other team are against you while you are near a wall.If two of them kick there are 4 possible results:

1.-You try to block, and fail, since kick can now break shield.You get 1-2 damage,since kick can push you far enough to hit the wall.

2.-You try to roll, and fail, we all know that kick wins against roll. 2-3 damage depending on whether you hit whe wall or not.

3.-Try to attack and maybe you could hit one or two of your enemies, but since kicks will most likely have different timing and come from different angles you will probably be hit by one.1-2 damage if kick pushed you far enough to hit the wall.

4.-They couldn't time their kicks, therefore not hitting you.

The kick-wall thingy is not much of an issue in 1vs1. I would love being able to propose a possible solution, but I can't come up with any.


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I decided to write this since something really crappy happened today. I had full health and armor. A knife was thrown at me, removing all my armor, making me fall, and losing 1 HP because the knife pushed me far enough to hit a nearby wall. I lost all my armor in less than 5 seconds. As soon as I got up, I got shockwaved, causing me to lose 2 health points (extra HP because of the wall). I got up again, but this time I got kicked, minus two HP (extra because of wall). Finally, I got up AGAIN with one HP, and they just rolled onto me. All of this happened in less than 18 secs. What a gangbang.


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Btw, I think the new animations are not as good as the old ones. Except for the jumping one, which looks a lot like the rolling one.

I also think the attempted-to-attack-but-got-blocked animation, lasts for too long.


Seriously a game is SUPPOSED TO BE DIFFICULT if you can't cope with things as simple as this. Smh


The problem is only on the ruins map, since the wall and falling thingy can be exploited. I can handle PvP in the desert map with no problems.

Not all people play games for their difficulty...

The walls in wilds.io have caused me severe trauma. I don't even trust the walls in my home anymore. Sometimes my anxiety has forced me to sleep outside, far away from any walls. This is totally a serious issue, and if you can cope with things as simple as that, then I don't know what to say to you... Smh...

you have right poke hano, the game its better with those difficults xD and i love walls, i already dont remember how many players i have kicked agaist a wall. I mean... i think those difficults are good, things that the player can use to win :3 ...or die.

I also kick other players against walls, it is a nice game mechanic. But what happened to me was just... ;_;


Berserker i hope that your joking..............

Wow the person who is joking thinks I'm joking. Smh...................................