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Do you have any other tab with open?

Hi Caspar, can you describe better your problem? In which game mode do you get stuck?

I don't think that is going to be done, because people would abuse it in order to get their rank pumped up.

Hello Nathan. You cannot access ranked games right now, because that functionality is covered by football. The only ranked game that you can join is, therefore, a football game.

Good smashing!

Hello Michal, have you seen this post about registering and logging in?

Hello Dylan, are you sure that you are not clicking again the button when you stop running?

Hi Sharshy.
Sadly, most of the pledges were fake, just made in order to obtain the Patron status. This was possible because Patreon charges his users at the end of the month. Rezoner changed now the configuration, and so, Patreon charges his users right away... Hopefully this situation is not going to happen again.

Hi, at this moment, the ranked game is covered by football.