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Hello Everybody, can you please detail your problem?

That would be very time-consuming to implement and virtually useless: a lot of external software can do the job for you. Hit Google for that :)

In order to reduce your spawning time you have to become Patron of the game.

Learn more about Patreon here:

Hello Noa, could you provide a screenshot of you problem?

The login button should be clearly visible in the homepage (blue for Facebook, orange for Patreon).

Hi Devin, at this moment you can't do a shockwave without using your mouse wheel. More info about game commands can be found here:

Hello Lazar, you can obtain a very short respawn time by being a Patron of the game :)

Learn more about Patreon here:

Hello. We are working on a restyle of the matchmaking system. Stay tuned!

Hello: please, elaborate your idea.