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Please do not advertise other games.

The problem with that combo is that it is pretty overpowered. I mean you could return the ability but the cooldown for whirlwind needs to be nerfed.

I would love to use paypal

Weak health and high attack? I think the model looks a bit like the wizard in Clash of Clans. Maybe he should have a staff?

Also please add a option to disable them as well. Some people don't like them.

For his special he should have circle which heals everybody inside it to full health. Instead of kicking/blocking/ maybe he could throw slow/poison potions with a bit of a cooldown.

no thanks. Dev already stated he doesn't want to add any more animals.

The dev stated that he does not want the game to be P2W, he wants the new class to "add diversity".

Cool, but I don't want coins to buy them.