Thoughts on Zerk class

Michael Uy 8 years ago updated by 123fb 8 years ago 4

Alright after trying it for the first time, here are my thoughts.

1. Zerk is wayyy too mobile. The whirlwind and the extra dodges make him really hard to hit which sucks. He also has extra health which isn't too fair.

2. Whirlwind is OP. You can come into a group and demolish everybody, while going at lightining speed. You don't have to worry about health because you have 1 extra health point.

Balancing suggestions: allow whirlwind to be blocked, reduce health points of zerk, make s/he slower.


Berserker (and the other future characters) should be better than grunt, and only available if you donate. This dude needs money to improve the game. People interested in the game want to win, then if they "buy" the berserker, they get their objective thanks to the advantage and the creator can keep improving the game thanks to the money. Don't nerf Berserker.

The dev stated that he does not want the game to be P2W, he wants the new class to "add diversity".



Maybe instead nerfing Berserker buff grunt? I would slower a bit Berserker attacks and git grunt way of interrupting zerk special attack - maybe by grunt special attack? IMO there is nothing bad with requiring a bit more experience with playing one class over another.


Also, maybe increase hp of grunt? Now properly done combo (whirlewind + alt attack) means at least 2hp damage, which to often means kill, specially when connected with fast attacks. Maybe help somehow with standing up?