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Black Screen

czix4 8 years ago updated by Rezoner1337 8 years ago 9

I'm using 14.04 Ubuntu release and Firefox/Chromium browser. On both I've enabled JS and after playground.js loading screen, screen left black. Help is working properly, music is played.

Under review

The server has died this morning - I have restarted it - please confirm if it is still an issue.

( Posting from Chrome / Ubuntu 16.04 - Firefox also works fine for me )

Yes, it's still reproducible.

Please, see attached image. On tab "Other" there are lot of png's. Music is played.


Thanks for the screenshot. Could I see another one displaying CONSOLE tab?

Also what version of Firefox is this?


Beside other bugs this one is mainly the cause:

Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at ws:// So something is wrong with WebSocket connection :/


Sorry for the delay - it's probably something with firewall, ISP, or router configuration - what I mean something probably blocks the connection through that port (1337).

after reloading page i have same problem, black screen and cant enter game again... it was working correctly before i reloaded page

Can you confirm that there is still black screen problem with new release? http://wilds.io

Try Chrome or Firefox please